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Cross flight of St. Petersburg with the miraculous myrrh-streaming icon of Tsar Nicholas on the plane board on the Day of the celebration of the icon of the Mother of God «Gracious Heaven

On March 19, 2020, the day of celebration of the icons of the Mother of God «Gracious Heaven» and «Czestochowa», the miraculous myrrh-streaming icon of Tsar Nicholas with the blessing of the Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga Varsonofy, was encircled in a plane around St. Petersburg.

The Cross Flight was organized by the Coordinating Council of Patriotic Forces of the St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, the National Society of Zealots of the Blessed Memory of Emperor Paul the First.

The plane was launched from the flight field of Gostilitsa.

In the morning there was a snowstorm and strong wind in some areas of St. Petersburg, and many orthodox St. Petersburger’s called to find out if the flight would take place, but by 9 a.m. the sky had cleared and sunny favorable weather had established, truly — «Gracious Heaven»!

Before the departure on the flight field before the miraculous image of the Sovereign was served a prayer service by the archpriest Father Georgy Sychev.

During the flight, prayers were recited before the Icon.

The Holy Icon was accompanied by the archpriest Father Georgy Sychev, Head of the Military Orthodox Mission Igor Evgenievich Smykov, film director Kirill Olegovich Heifetz.

On the board were also small icons of the Mother of God of Kazan and Czestochowa, the Heavenly Cross and the Holy Royal Family.

The plane flew around St. Petersburg, over Kronstadt, Peterhof, and Pavlovsk and then continued around Gatchina, an amazing Tsarist place connected with the memory of Emperors Paul the First and Alexander the Third.

The plane also flew over the village of Peniki, where a new temple in honor of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers is being built.

During the flight of the Cross, the parishioners of this parish prayed at the walls of their church to the Holy Royal Family.

During the entire flight, a group of Orthodox St. Petersburger’s prayed at the airfield near the image of the «Gracious Heaven» of the Holy Virgin, whose holiday on this day is celebrated, as well as before the icon of the Holy Martyr Haralampius, especially revered by the Emperor Paul Petrovich, and the Icon of the Mother of God of Magadan, so that the Queen of Heaven may favorably grant all everything prosperous for today’s flight with the myrrh-streaming icon of Tsar Nicholas! They asked for prayers for Archpriest George, pilot Artemy, cameraman Kirill, warrior Igor.

Thank God! The icon myrrh streamed in a complex way in several thin taps.

Herewith, the strong fragrance of the image was revealed at the end of the cross flight.

The icon of the Sovereign flew on March 19, 2020 to the Imperial capital in prayer to the Holy Tsar Martyr for the salvation of Russia and protection of St. Petersburg from epidemics and other disasters.

The icon of the Tsar — Father was myrrh streamed and very much sweet smelled after the flight.

The personal presence of the Sovereign himself was clearly felt. Extraordinary grace and Easter joy descended on the people involved in this event. Glory to God on the Heaven, on earth peace and in men blessing!

This Omen is for the small remnant of the chosen ones.

As explained after the Cross Flight of St. Petersburg in 2017, the head of the National Society of Zealots for the blessed memory of Emperor Paul the First, Pavel Barinov (+2019):

«The tradition traveling around the borders of God Protected Russian Land has a long history… And the ritually murdered by blasphemers and outspoken Satanists, Emperor Nicholas II, received such grace from the God, that even His paper icons are myrrh — streamed, and the miracles lost count … Just as the Sovereign Paul Petrovich, not departing from his royal service, he inherited grace from the God and the same fate. It is true that these two Tsars have the same fate … And what is there to extend here, when in the 19th century, none of the Russian Tsars, descendants of Paul Petrovich, except for Alexander I Pavlovich, who replaced the scepter of the Tsar with the wanderer’s staff, did not die by his own death …»

In the period of epidemics and various disorders, the Holy Church has always intensified prayers for their cessation and organized processions of the Cross around cities and villages.

During the cholera epidemic of 1830 in Moscow, the civil authorities ordered quarantine in the city and assumed that all churches would be locked up (as today in Italy and other countries).

In this connection, Metropolitan Filaret (Drozdov) postponed the trip to St. Petersburg (where there was no cholera) and ordered the organization of numerous religious processions, the first of which (around the Kremlin) he himself led.

The Metropolitan’s desire to «die with his own people» made a great impression on Emperor Nicholas I, who decided to keep up with his Most Reverend citizen: he arrived in Moscow and walked on cholera barracks.

At present, the veneration of the Holy Passion-Bearer Tsar-Martyr Nicholas and his family is a very important matter, aimed at spiritual and moral revival of the Fatherland, purification of the bright names of the Russian Tsars from years of piling up lies and black hatred of globalists — the God-fighters.

Ahead of us, our people will face new difficulties and challenges. Nevertheless, by the grace of God, the restoration of the Tsarist Orthodox Autocracy will be completed.

It will be not as our merit, but as a miracle of God, for the sake of those sacrifices that have already been brought to the altar of the Fatherland, and for the sake of the small remnant of the chosen ones.

For the prayer of the tormented Tsar will prevail over God. There is a Tsar — there is Russia, there is no Tsar — there is no Russia, because only the Tsar is called the Father of the Fatherland and the people.

«Democracy is in hell, and in Heaven is the kingdom…»said the righteous Holy Father John of Kronstadt.

«Restoration of the Russian monarchy is not a political problem. It may sound paradoxical, but at present the real politician can only be one who is able to penetrate into the mystical essence of things and events…» Archimandrite O. Konstantin (Zaitsev).

«I do not speak for myself. And what I’ve heard from God-inspired Elders, I’ve passed on… The God will have mercy on Russia for a small remnant of true believers. In Russia, said Elders, by the will of the people will be restored Monarchy, the Sovereign authority. The God has chosen the future Tsar. It will be a man of fiery faith, brilliant mind and iron will.» Archbishop Theophanous of Poltava.

For the salvation of the country, a flight of Russia’s borders with a myrrh-streaming icon of St. Nicholas II is proposed.

The Cross Flight of Russia is offered to make the Orthodox public organizations. Their leaders appealed to the secular authorities and the Patriarchate with a request to organize an anniversary flight of the Russian borders with a myrrh-streaming image of St. Nicholas II.

The open appeal of the initiators of the flight to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill was published by the editorial board of the Orthodox national newspaper «Russ Derzhavnaya».

In times of military threats, natural disasters, epidemics, and technogenic catastrophes, this is the most effective way to «ask God for protection and salvation from the suffering or approaching calamities».


Brief reference:

The prototype of the Moscow myrrh-streaming icon of the Martyr Tsar was painted in 1996 in the USA, in California by the icon painter Pavel Tikhomirov on request of the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. The Emperor is depicted in sacred coronation garments, with a cross on his chest and signs of royal dignity — with the Scepter and the Power in his hands. In the upper corners of the Icon there is a mark with the images of the saintly righteous Job the Suffering, on the day of whose memory the Emperor was born on May 6/19, 1868, and Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, in whose honor he was baptized. Below is the signature: «This holy icon was painted for the glorification of the Martyr Tsar in Russia» (Royal Passion-bearers were glorified by the Russian Church Outside of Russia in 1981, and by the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in 2000). The icon has a solemn and festive appearance. The size of the icon with a kiot is 43×37 cm.

In 1997, colored lithographs of the Icon were brought from the U.S. to Russia and dispersed among Orthodox parishes and families. One of them, presented to the Moscow surgeon Oleg Ivanovich Belchenko, exuded the myrrh on the day of the anniversary of the October upheaval, November 7, 1998. Since then, the fragrant myrrh has begun to flow from the image every day. The fragrance and myrrh flow of the icon is especially strong during the memorable days of the Royal Family. Miro often flows not only from the Icon, but also over the glass of the kiot.

In the 1990s, the icon of the Emperor, which had not yet been canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church, was brought to many churches with the blessing of three Elders: the confessor of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Archimandrite Kirill (Pavlov), Archpriest Nikolai Guryanov from the island of Zalit, and Valaam’s Elders, Hieroschemmonk Raphael (Berestov).

In 1999, with the blessing of His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy the Second, Icon of the Tsar-Martyr took part in the Crusade along the perimeter of the borders of the former Russian Empire.

The national veneration of the Tsar-Martyr prepared the canonization of the Tsarist Family as saints of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia at the Jubilee Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church on August 20, 2000, in the revived Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, and facilitated the process of reunification of the two parts of the Russian Church — the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad in May 2007.

In recent years, the icon has been in Russia and is kept by representatives of the Military Orthodox Mission.

The miraculous Icon of Tsar Nicholas is under the special spiritual care of Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

The myrrh-streaming icon image of the Russian Tsar is known in many European monarchies and aristocratic circles, which profess traditional Christian spiritual and moral values.

The Icon was brought to more than fifty dioceses and a number of countries — Germany, Austria, Belgium, Serbia, France, Montenegro and Greece. The holy image exudes profusely myrrh through the prayers of believers for the Fatherland, for the Russian people in Russia and Diaspora, it is associated with the healing of people from various diseases, cancer and the resolution of complex life situations, about the miraculous image filmed documentary films, published books.

The icon carries a very large social service, visiting military units, universities, clinics and hospitals, places of detention, remote monasteries and temples.

The Icon of Tsar Nikolai noted with its presence important geographical points of the Russian world:

In 1999, during NATO bombing, Icon was in the capital of brotherly Serbia, Belgrade, and visited hot spots and Kosovo.

In 2000, Icon of the Emperor headed in Pskov the funeral procession of Russian paratroopers killed in the Argun Gorge.

In 2002, the Sea Cross Procession was organized and conducted on warships of the Black Sea Fleet in the places of military glory of St. Admiral of the Russian Fleet Feodor Ushakov.

During the reunification of Crimea with Russia the Icon of the Emperor was on the southern borders of Russia.

On May 9, 2016, this Icon was carried by Crimean Prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya in the ranks of the «Immortal Regiment» in Simferopol.

On January 22-23, 2020 the miraculous myrrh-streaming icon of Tsar Nicholas, with the blessing of the confessor of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, took part in the Cross Flight over Russia along the route: Moscow — Vladivostok — Moscow.

When the miraculous image of the Emperor does not travel, it is kept in Moscow, in the Church of the Ascension of the God on the Gorokhov field (rector Archpriest Vasily Golovanov).

The keeper of the Icon is Oleg Ivanovich Belchenko. In regional and foreign trips the Icon is accompanied by Igor Smykov, head of the Orthodox Military Mission, President of the «Russian Orthodox Mission for the Revival of the Spiritual Values of the Russian People».